Indestructible Creatures/Giant Tube Worm

giant tube worm

Here we are at Tuesday and also the first day of term three of the school year so I had to take Leo to school this morning and he was happy to be going back to school. On the way to school I had to call in at my parents place to pick up some money mum wanted me to bank for her and Leo ran in to get the money and he told my mum he was happy to see her sitting in her chair in the kitchen and not in hospital.

This weeks indestructible creature is the Giant Tube Worm, heard of it? Nope, me either……..

It can be found around 1500metres or 5000ft under the sea, at that depth hydrothermal vents bubble with boiling chemical filled water, its pitch black and the water pressure is great enough to squash a human flat. This is not a great place to live but the giant tube worm is happy there.

Each worm lives in its own tube anchored to the seabed and can grow to more than 2.4metres long that is 8ft just so you know. Hundreds of tube worms cluster together in their deep sea vent home.

Most animals need to eat other living things to stay alive but the giant tube worm don’t eat food at all, as they have no mouth and no stomach. Instead their body has lots of bacteria living inside it, the worm’s red plume collects minerals dissolved in the vent water and the bacteria inside its body feed on these and turn them into food chemicals that feed the worm from the inside.

giant tube worm1


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