Mum’s health

Hello everyone, no post yesterday just couldn’t get motivated to write.

Monday afternoon around 3.30pm my sister Sandra rang to let me know she had to ring the ambos for mum as she was falling asleep had delirium again and really didn’t look good. After I spoke to her I went and had a bath, while in the bath I heard my phone ringing again so as soon as I got out I checked my phone and it was Sandy again. I rang her back and she answered but she didn’t speak to me I could hear her though and I heard words like resuscitate and how Sandy was feeling emotional being in “this room” I didn’t know what room was “this room” she then hung up on me and I waited a few minutes and rang back this time it went too voice mail and I left a message for her to ring back. She rings back and said Jo you need to come here NOW.

So I ring my daughter Natasha hoping she would be at her place and able to come get me, she was, however, I was a blubbering mess all she could understand was that something was wrong and I needed her. She was here in around 10 minutes, I was dressed and waiting at the top of the driveway for her.

After I rang Natasha I rang Tim and got his voice mail as he was driving a bus, I left a blubbering message and he rang me back just after we got to the hospital and Natasha spoke to him, he arranged for someone to relieve him and came to the hospital, I needed him. Jessica and Leo also turned up as did my niece Samantha, there was 11 of us at the hospital.

When I get to the hospital and get taken in to see mum and Sandra and Dave was there too, I fell apart just seeing her and how she looked and hearing the doctor ask if they should attempt to resuscitate her by shocking or jumping on her chest we said do whatever it takes mum would want everything done to keep her with us.

I didn’t want to leave her Monday night but by 9pm I was in a state myself and Sandra told me to come home and get some rest, she stayed till 2.30am going with her when she was transferred to the Mater hospital because the John Hunter hospital had no ICU beds.

When I got home Monday night I posted of Facebook asking for those who believe in the power of prayer to pray for her, and I would like too thank all who have done that. I started praying as soon as I heard the word resuscitate and I am still praying for her and the hospital staff taking care of her.

When we saw her yesterday morning she didn’t look any better but the ICU doctor told us she was improving but they have no idea what caused her condition in the first place. It was explained to us that on Monday night her organs where shutting down, her kidneys had stopped, her heart rate was only 30 beats per minute and her blood pressure was non existent it was so low. Mum was placed on a ventilator to take the pressure of her body and she has been sedated since Monday afternoon.

Although yesterday when we saw her she tried to open her eyes when she heard us talking to her, so she knows we are there with her. I will be going back over to see her later after Jessica gets Leo.

I just rang the ICU and they were taking the tubes out so she should be able to talk to us when we see her today.

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