A bit about rehab

Well here we are on a wet Wednesday afternoon, I just returned from getting Leo from school and remembered I hadn’t done a post today so here we go…………………

Well I am cold and will soon have a hot bath to hopefully warm up, earlier today Natasha contacted some charities to get food vouchers for my parents and managed to get them $30 worth of food my mum was so appreciative. Speaking of mum she is doing ok still very sore and in a fair amount of pain but Sandra said this afternoon she doesn’t think mum is doing enough in the way of rehab and if she had gone to the rehabilitation ward she would be doing a lot more.

Moving on to dad he doesn’t thing he is doing anything in the way of rehab and is just sitting around doing nothing all day and said if that doesn’t change he wants to go home, however, he cannot walk from his bed to the toilet without becoming out of breath and even though he has a long cord attached to his oxygen he takes off the oxygen when he needs to visit the bathroom, which is really a silly thing to do.

My knees are still sore and swollen and standing, walking or pretty much doing anything is painful but I guess that is what I have to deal with now.

So being Wednesday I am sharing this photo.

Jono Kelli Freya


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