My knees and dad’s health

Hello everyone, here I am on Monday afternoon getting around to writing a post I have not felt well today, didn’t want to get up this morning but of course when my alarm went off at 5.50am up I got but around 6.30am Leo took me back to bed because I was falling asleep sitting at the computer.

Natasha rang me around midday to tell me that Blain was at home, while at school he had gone to the toilet and some other kids threw a garbage bin over the door hitting him on the head, his mother was livid she is so over all the problems he is having with bullies at school.

Yesterday and today my right knee has been really swollen due to the arthritis making every step agony along with just standing after being seated for any length of time. Saturday saw me so tired and generally unwell that I spent most of the day in bed asleep.

Saturday also saw my mum having to ring the Ambos for dad as he was in a terrible state and had fallen twice in 20 minutes, he was admitted with pneumonia and placed on strong antibiotics, Sandra went with him to the hospital and stayed with him for a number of hours and went back yesterday for a few hours.

Today she went over and while there the doctor turned up and said that because dad was doing much better he was discharging him so he is now home still on strong antibiotics. The doctor said dad would feel better in his own home and would sleep better in his own bed.


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