Photo Thursday

This Thursday has been a busy day for me I did not want to get up when my alarm went off this morning but get up I did and after taking Leo to school I went and picked up his mum and the two of us went and did some Mother’s Day shopping.

Leo had me get something for his mum for Mother’s Day, it had to NOT PINK and something that just said Jessica, I got her a long (in length) light weight winter cardigan black in colour and it met with his approval.

The day started out cool and ended up warm, by the time I got home I had enough time to eat lunch have a nap and go get Leo from school again.

We are now home and I will soon go have a bath.

Thursday is now photo day and here is this weeks photo…………………..

Kathy Sum NYE

Have you heard of……………Edson Arantes Di Nascimento


Hello Wednesday still Wednesday morning here for another16 minutes, I did not want to get up this morning but of course staying in bed was out of the question. So it is have you heard of day and today I am asking if you have heard of Edson Arantes Di Nascimento….yes/no…..I have heard of him when I was watching “The Chase” but know nothing about him.

Anyway he was a football player aka soccer player, he was better known as Pelé, he was a Brazilian and considered the greatest World Cup player of all time, his Brazilian team won three World Cups, although he missed one of the finals through injury.

He scored twelve goals in finals tournaments, his first against Wales in 1958, He started club football with Santos at just 15yrs of age and played for Brazil at 16yrs of age, when he scored after just ten minutes against Argentina.

He scored his first thousand goals in only 909 games, at the end of his career he played for New York Cosmos in the U S A. In his last game against his old club Santos he played for both sides during the match and he scored, of course.

In 1999, he was voted World Player of the Century by the International Federation of Football History & Statistics (IFFHS), and was one of the two joint winners of the FIFA Player of the Century award. That same year, Pelé was elected Athlete of the Century by the International Olympic Committee. According to the IFFHS, Pelé is the most successful league goal-scorer in the world, scoring 1281 goals in 1363 games, which included unofficial friendlies and tour games. During his playing days, Pelé was for a period the best-paid athlete in the world.

Indestructible Creatures/Limpet


Good morning Tuesday, yesterday I went to my aqua class and it went ok, getting out of the pool I had to take it slow and make sure I placed my left foot flat on the step to protect the achilles tendon.

Well being Tuesday means it is Indestructible Creatures day, today’s creature is something called a Limpet, another creature I have not heard of.

They are a type of snail with super strong, thick shells which make them near impossible to budge. Inside their shells they have special tongues covered with tiny teeth, which they use for scraping algae. These teeth are strengthened with iron and look like miniature daggers and they hold the record for being the hardest material known to be made by any animal or plant.

limpet underside

Their teeth are so hard that as they feed they actually scrape lines into the rock itself, you can spot where a limpet has been by the rows of little grooves. They cling to rocks using their powerful muscles and a kinda gluey slime.

When the tide is in they crawl around underwater and feed, when the tide is out they clamp themselves to a rock to stay damp and safe from predators.

Limpets rock

Did you know No: 15

1000 facts

Good morning, haven’t heard from me for a few days, as I don’t blog on a weekend generally speaking.

Saturday I did a casserole for lunch and Jessica, Leo, Kathy-Lee & Summer came for lunch, Tim doesn’t work Saturdays so he was here as well and even though he says he doesn’t like casseroles he ate it. After lunch Tim & I went to the square (local shopping centre) to do a bit of shopping and I was able to hire a motorised scooter so had no problem getting around.

I saw the GP on Friday afternoon and he said that I have torn my achilles tendon (which I knew) and to stay off it as much as possible. He also said I should have physio which I am not keen on, the ankle is healing the pain level has gone from an 8 to around a 2. I am going to my aqua class this morning so we will see how that goes.

Well it is Monday so that means it is “did you know” day, so here is this weeks facts

The longest period of time that has a name is Para, a Hindu word meaning the length of the life of Brahma. It is said to be 311,040,000,000 years which is about 70,000 times the age of the Earth. What the hell how would they know that………….

A violin is made of 70 separate pieces of wood

A lightning bolt generates temperatures five times hotter than those found at the Sun’s surface

A lightning bolt travels at about 72 million miles per hour

Scientists have determined that a human baby is less intelligent than a chimpanzee baby

Feeling oh so tired

Good morning world, here I am on this cold Thursday morning, I didn’t get around to doing a post yesterday, I was either busy or tired and just not up to it but here I am this morning doing a post before I go visiting blogs.

I just had to go and get dressed, I am not one for staying in my nightie for ages maybe when I hit my 70’s that will change, mum spends pretty much all day ever day in her nightie but that has come about during the last decade only.

When I say I have been tired, I mean fall asleep tired, yesterday while ironing Tim’s work shirts I found myself falling asleep and had to stop and go have a lay down, I slept for 1hr 30mins. This is becoming a worry on Tuesday morning I had to come home after I took Leo to school and go back to bed for 2hrs.

Some good news is that mum got a letter yesterday telling her that she has her hip replacement done on the 30th now that is good news. She has her appointment with the pre opp people on Tuesday so fingers crossed all goes well.

Yesterday after I took Leo to school I had to go to the chemist and get Leo’s Webster pack and take it to the school, all that walking didn’t help my ankle. Yes I followed the doctors advice and didn’t go to my aqua class, he said I shouldn’t go till after I have been back to see my GP.

That’s it for today’s post

Indestructible Creatures/ Seed Shrimp

seeed shrimp

Well hello Tuesday, I am up and dressed, Leo is here and in around 90 minutes I will drive him to school. He is naturally looking forward to school.

So yesterday I went and had the ultrasound of my ankle done and yeah I have torn my Achilles tendon not a complete tear around 80-90%, now I have to wait for my GP to get the report and asks to see me to tell me what next.

So being Tuesday that means it is indestructible creatures day and this week it is the “Seed Shrimp”

heard of it, nope, you are not alone.

These very tiny creatures are about the size of a pinhead, now that is tiny………………

They are tiny little crustaceans that are related to crabs and lobsters and live in water near the, bottom or as part of a plankton which is a mass of tiny living things that float around in the water and are usually eaten by other animals, but not humans.

To help them stay safe each Seed Shrimp lives inside its own little shell, which it can clamp tight shut, making it look just like a seed. In their shell they are often able to pass safely through the body of whatever has eaten it such as a frog, then they carry on with whatever they were doing.

Seed Shrimps have very tough eggs, one species lives in ponds that often dry up, its eggs can survive sitting on the dry ground for weeks and then they can hatch when the water returns.

In tests they have survived being frozen, blasted with radiation and deprived of oxygen, that’s bloody tough.

seed shrimp1