Indestructible Creatures/Giant Clam


Hello Tuesday, not as cold this morning, of course I am in track pants and socks on my feet, not thick songs and I only need a tee shirt. I have taken Leo to school now I am home and have no other plans for the day.

This weeks indestructible creature is the Giant Clam, in old stories and comics divers can meet with disaster when their foot is grabbed by a giant clam snapping shut but can a clam really do that………

Well giant clams do exist and they are really huge a normal size clam is about the size of a human hand but the giant clam can be bigger than a human, now that is huge.

They are thought to live up too 100yrs and can grow to 1.2 metres or 4ft across, their enormous thick shells have zigzag edges that fit together like teeth. Their shell is pretty indestructible but the clam inside does get eaten by other animals such as eels, fish and starfish. Humans hunt and eat giant clams as well and they are now in danger of dying out.

However, since they can’t chase you or even move at all because as adults they stay in one place stuck to the seabed and feed on passing plankton, there is no reason to fear them so they are not as tough as they look or as scary as in the old stories.


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