Did you know No:16

1000 facts

Hello all it is Monday afternoon here now it was another cold start to the day but it has warmed up no aqua class this morning went with Jessica to sort out her rent and then to the shops before home again.

So here is this weeks five did you know facts:

The thumb is such an important part of the human body that it has a special section, separate from the area that controls the fingers, reserved for it in the brain.

Liechtenstein used to have the world’s smallest army, there was one soldier, yes one. He served his country until his death at age 85.

Abraham Lincoln’s mother died from drinking milk from a cow which, when foraging in the woods had eaten some poisonous snake root.

In 1955 a borrowed book was returned to Cambridge University Library that was 288 years overdue

Cambridge University was established in the year 1209


2 thoughts on “Did you know No:16

  1. Liechtenstein only had one soldier because the biggest barracks they could fit in the country was a pup tent, lol

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