1000 facts

Good morning world, or good evening, depending on where in the world you are. This morning I overslept , I don’t remember the alarm going off at all, Jessica dropped Leo of at around 8.45am she had an appointment at the Royal Newcastle Medical Centre at 9.30am she had to have an MRI done.

It is a cold wet day and Tim wanted to take the car to work so she is going to take me to my appointment at 12.30pm I am having an ultrasound done of my left ankle which is much better and really I think it is a waste of time.

Anyway here is today’s did you know facts:

The Walt Disney World Resort in Florida is roughly the same size as San Francisco

There is a chemical called “Scrooge” which is specially designed to smell bad, much like a skunk’s smell but worse. A typical use of Scrooge is to spray it in doorways to unguarded inner city buildings to keep tramps away.

The oldest city in Britain is Ripon, which received its original charter in AD 886

A balloon released into the jet stream would take two weeks to travel completely around the globe

A baby Blue Whale gains 200 pounds per day while drinking 50 gallons of milk


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