Pissed Off

Well here I am on this lovely, soon to be hot Sunday morning writing a post, the last few days have seen me up and down health wise but I think I have at last turned the corner and will soon be back to my normal self, which is good as I am over not feeling that good.

We had Leo here yesterday and last night while his mum was working, she was doing a wine tour and asked if she could have the night without him so she could have a sleep in this morning and of course I said that would be ok.

Anyway yesterday saw me have a blow up at Tim, I asked him if while he was out could he pick up some toilet paper, I showed him what I wanted in the catalogue and told him which one it was also and still he bought the wrong stuff which annoyed me.

I was speaking to him about getting the wrong stuff and his attitude just made me more pissed off and when he told me to just get over it, I lost it and yelled NO I will stay as mad and pissed off for as long as I feel like.

Then he had to go over to Jessica’s place to check on something for her and snapped at me something about me going to Jessica’s and I just looked at him and turned to get my thongs on and he snapped he would go.

By the time he got home I was in a better mood and attempted to apologise for my blow up but he was still pissed off and didn’t want to listen and I ended up telling him to do what he told me to do and just build a bridge and get over it. After a while he did get over it.

I do not like to be told at times to get over it, it makes me feel like I am being treated like a child and not allowed to be mad or in a mood, damn I am 55 years old and can be in a bad mood if I want too.


4 thoughts on “Pissed Off

  1. And it’s always the blow up they remember. Just ask people at my work. Once you blow up a couple of times your rep is made.

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