Oh my head……………

shartted glass

Hello everyone, how is everyone?

I am so so, yesterday after going to the doctor I became unwell with a migraine so unwell that I had Natasha pick Leo up from school while I went to bed for a bit.

Before that we had a man come to replace the rollers on the sliding door, while doing that he had to use a drill and hit the glass and it shattered so had to have someone come out to replace the glass in the door.

I was really unwell, my head hurt a lot and I had a fever and all in all felt like shit, than at 1pm Natasha gets a phone call from the high school Blain was sick and they wanted her to go get him. So she had to get Leo out early as she didn’t know how sick Blain was and thought she might have to take him home and put him to bed.

kool and sothe

I slept for two & half hours before getting up and having a bath at 7pm I was back in bed again, I used Kool & Soothe to help with the headache and this morning I was feeling better, not great but better not so much like death warmed up.

Leo was great very concerned with nanna’s health, told me not to do anything to call him and he would do things for me.

I didn’t go to my aqua class as I just didn’t feel up to it this morning.

Hopefully tomorrow I will feel more like myself.


7 thoughts on “Oh my head……………

      1. When I started taking Magnesium supplements, I noticed a decline in frequency and then I never really had them anymore. I still get the occasional ocular migraine which is the vision disturbance without the headache. Take care of yourself.

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