Wet and Unwell and in Pain

Good morning world, yes it is morning here, be it a coolish, wet morning but still morning. My state has had some extremes weather wise, we had fires and then floods.

Many streets around here have been flooded which is the norm, certain suburbs such as Wallsend and Cardiff and of course Warners Bay are prone to flooding and flood they have. The school my niece goes to in Wallsend sent students home yesterday afternoon due to flooding.

The rain was so bad yesterday afternoon that I had Natasha pick Leo up from school so I could let Tim take the car to work, I didn’t want him to ride the motorbike in such bad weather. Although she was somewhat pissed off as they had her walking all over the school looking for him and ended up drenched, when she got back here she took her wet clothes off and tossed them into the dryer.

My special girl aka Jessica was in hospital all day yesterday she rang us at 3am and her dad drove her over to the hospital she was in a great deal of pain, after blood tests, chest Xray and an ultrasound she was told it was a flare up of pancreatitis.

Pancreatitis is inflammation of the pancreas, which can be either acute or chronic. Treatment options include fasting until the inflammation subsides, removing gallstones, abstaining from alcohol, medications and surgery.

Jessica had her gallbladder removed in 2015, so they are trying to find out what had caused this flare up, she needs to have an MRI done as well. She thought she was going to spend last night in the hospital but they sent her home at 6pm.

We didn’t tell Leo about her being at the hospital he would have worried and wanted to see her to see that she was ok, so we told him that she was having a long day at work and when she got home she just wanted to have a bath and go to bed, which was why he had to stay here last night.

I hope today isn’t as wet and Jessica isn’t in pain……………………………

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