Indestructible Creatures/Ocean Quahog

ocean quahog

Well it is Tuesday a much cooler day at last which is nice, being Tuesday means it is indestructible creatures day and today’s creature it the Ocean Quahog, heard of it………….me neither………………..

This creature lives for a bloody long time longer then elephants or blue whales or even giant tortoises. In 2006 scientists collected an ocean quahog from the seabed near Iceland and named it Ming. To keep it fresh for studying they froze it, and it died. Later when they studied it, Ming turned out to be one of the oldest creatures ever known, Oops……………………

When it’s alive an Ocean Quahog has two shells with a hinge and a squishy mollusc living inside, it has growth rings a bit like the rings in a tree that can reveal how old they are. To count the markings properly, scientists have to cut through the shell and look at the patterns inside.

Their first attempt revealed that Ming was 405 years older, later on in 2013 using new methods it was revealed that Ming’s true age was 507, now that is old.

So it could live for over 500 years but couldn’t survive being frozen.

It was called Ming after the Ming dynasty which was between 1368-1644, which was when it would have been born.

ocean quahog1

4 thoughts on “Indestructible Creatures/Ocean Quahog

  1. Oh, wow! Can you imagine accidentally killing something that is 500 years old!?! That has to be a worse feeling than when I broke a window on my childhood house and that felt awful. The inadvertent murder of one of the world’s oldest living creatures has to be at least enough to get a person to reconsider sobriety.

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