Did you know No:9

Here I am on a Monday afternoon writing a post it is a warm day but not as hot as it has been over the weekend which saw really stinking hot days and nights.

Being Monday means it is did you know day so here are this weeks did you know facts.

The song “The Twelve Days of Christmas” has different words in different countries, in France the gifts include Four Pigs’ Trotters and in Scotland, an Arabian Baboon……weird or what

In one of the most unusual military manoeuvres ever, King Richard the Lionheart captured the fortress of Acre and because the inhabitants were barricaded inside he instructed his soldiers to throw 100 beehives over the walls forcing those inside to surrender immediately.

Geese have been know to fly higher than five miles up in the air.

The character of Cinderella dates back to an ancient folk tale from China, really………..I don’t know

The tin can was invented in 1810, the tin opener was not invented until 45 years later


2 thoughts on “Did you know No:9

  1. Consider my mind blown in several different directions. The Twelve Days of Christmas is an annoying song in any country, but the inclusion of an Arabian Baboon might make it slightly more tolerable. It took 45 years for someone to think, “hey, maybe using a giant knife to pry open this can of beans isn’t the most practical solution.” It makes me wonder what recent invention we’re not thinking about properly, like we’re missing an opportunity regarding smartphones or opioids that in 50 years we’ll all be kicking ourselves for not inventing.

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