A sore foot on Photo Wednesday

Hi everyone after a couple of cool wet days it has been dry and hot again, had to turn the air con on again this afternoon, went to my aqua class this morning and I have no idea what I did but I some how hurt my left foot, the top of the foot is hurting a lot.

This morning while working out I noticed the leg of my swimsuit was loose like the elastic has snapped, so on Friday I will have a look for a new swimsuit. I still have the gift card my sister gave me for Christmas, so I will use that.

On Monday I noticed that my Uncle has put his house (my late grandparents house) on the market, this is the house my grandfather built and many people in the family are upset about him selling it but there is nothing we can do about that.

A because it is Wednesday I will leave you with this photo

Kathy Sum NYE

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