Are you more likely to avoid conflict or engage it head-on?

When it comes to disagreements with others what do you do are you one to stand your ground or do you try to avoid the conflict.

Are you someone who speaks their mind even if it will course an argument or are you more likely to say little or nothing but do whatever you want anyway. Maybe you are someone who smiles and nods while thinking things like “you’re an idiot” or “just shut up you fool”.

I am one who tries to avoid an argument, I don’t do conflicts very well I get confused and my heart pounds and I just want things to settle down. I have never in my life been in physical conflict aka fight, that is just not me.

Although I have two sisters who will go all badass on you if you start in on her or any member of her family they never back down and will stand their ground. This they get from our dad, who if he felt he was in the right would stand his ground and not back down and dad is only 5’2”.


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