This and That

Good morning everyone, didn’t get around to doing a post yesterday, it was a somewhat busy day.

Had to take Leo to see his paediatrician and then dropped him at school by that time it was after midday but he really wanted to go to school. Jessica said why do we need to have him there he is weighed and height check and blood pressure checked and then he isn’t needed and we talk about him while he sits bored.

Anyway at 2pm Jessica rings me I had to go and get him because he was upset and crying, turned out they forgot to give him his midday medication. They gave it to him just before I picked him up so after about 20 minutes he was ok, I brought him back here till his mum picked him up at 4.30pm.

He was dropped off this morning at 6am as per usual, he should be staying tonight here so we both get a bit of a sleep in tomorrow morning. It is pissing down rain as I write this how lovely, hope it settles down by the time Tim needs to ride his motorbike to work this afternoon, I worry about him riding his motorbike in bad weather.

Here there is still a lot of carry on about our Deputy Prime Minister and his affair and new relationship with a former staffer and I am so over hearing about, ok his marriage has broken up and he has a new pregnant girlfriend. Did this relationship stop him doing his job NO what has interfered with his job is all the media carry on since the news of the relationship broke.

Just saw an add on telly for some kinda “pickup” this has annoyed me as here down under we do not have “pickups” we have “utes”a “pickup” is what the Americans have, just saying.

Also heard that Camilla will be joining Charles on his trip to Australian for only 2 days because she has trouble with long trips, hell who flies from the UK to Australia for only 2 days. Also not like the woman is going to be flying economy she will be able to have a nice sleep on the flight.

The Winter Olympics are on but I am not interested at all, I have every little interest in sport, but that is ok man people love sport and the Olympics.


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