14th February or Valentine’s Day


For some reason I didn’t do a post yesterday, I was, however, very tired yesterday and ended up going back to bed at 10.30am after I hung the washing on the clothes hoists to dry and I slept till 1.30pm when I got up to get ready to go get Leo from school. Speaking of Leo he was going to sleep over on Monday night but after being here for an hour or so after school he decided he wanted to go home, this really annoyed his mum but after they talked for a bit she was ok, he did end up sleeping here last night this meant that I got a half hour sleep in this morning, he woke me at 6.30am. Going to be another hot day here temperature around 36°c.

Leo is happy he got his tablet playing through the tv, he doesn’t know how he did it but he is happy it is doing it.

Today it is the 14th which means it is Valentine’s Day Tim has never had time for Valentine’s Day although I just got a message saying Happy Valentine’s Day Darling from Tim, I am lucky that I am married to the love of my life who is my soulmate.

It is also the 31st birthday of our second daughter Natasha, Tim has always felt that she was the best Valentine’s Day gift ever.

Natasha has always been a younger, female version of Tim and as a teenager she was our little rebel and caused us both a lot of worry and some sleepless nights but she turned out ok in the end and is a loving and caring woman and a good mother to Blain our eldest grandson.


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