Did you know No:5

1000 facts

Hi everyone, here we are at another Monday, this morning I had to take Leo to see his paediatrician only to get to the hospital to find she isn’t there and we now have to see her next Monday at Belmont Hospital not the John Hunter Hospital talk about frustrating. Although this made Leo happy as he doesn’t like going to see her and does not like to miss an school.

Anyway this week’s five did you know facts are as follows:

Before deciding on the name “Sherlock” Arthur Conan Doyle had called his now famous detective Sherrinford Holmes.

Before settling on the name “Tiny Tim” for his character in “A Christmas Carol” three other names were considered by Charles Dickens, they were Little Larry, Puny Pete and Small Sam.

The first man to fly a plane solo in Australia was Harry Houdini, would never had guessed that

Author Charles Dickens wrote and slept facing north, aligning himself with the poles of the earth, strange man.

Lobster shells and mushrooms are made out of the same thing, chitin


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