Indestructible Creatures No: 4 Tardigrade


Hello Tuesday, what a day I have had, I have been unwell most of the day, in fact driving Leo to school this morning I just wanted to go to sleep after dropping him at school I had to go and get a loaf of bread for Tim and I was in so much pain I just wanted to cry but after a few steps the pain eased up and I picked up my pace to get stuff done before it returned.

Anyway today I am going to tell you a bit about a Tardigrade, heard of it, nope, me either…………

So a Tardigrade are small and they look like a cute cuddly bear, except bears don’t have eight legs this small, slow creature which is also called a moss piglet or a water bear may be one on the toughest animals of all.

Heat, cold, drought, Xrays and the intense pressure of the deep ocean along with the the empty vacuum of space a tardigrade can handle it all and better than other animals as well. They can survive temperatures as high as 150°c (300°f) and as low as -270°c (-458°f) which is pretty much as cold as it can get.

Like the arctic springtails, tardigrades can dry themselves out to survive harsh conditions, but they do it better, they can stay in a super-tough dried out state for years maybe even decades who knows. When they are put back into water they come back to life.



2 thoughts on “Indestructible Creatures No: 4 Tardigrade

  1. Sorry to hear you’re not feeling well.
    I have heard of the Tardigrade because of their more adorable aliases. They’re amazing. I’m only sad I can’t domesticate one, but also if they were dog-sized, they’d be terrifying.
    Hope you feel better!

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