Indestructible Creatures No3


What indestructible creature should I tell you about today, how about the Pompeii Worm…………

They live at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, where super-heated water churns out from underneath the seabed at temperatures of 100°c (212°f) that is bloody hot indeed.

This worm is pink and wriggly wit h greyish fur made of bacteria and red gills, the worm oozes out a slimy substances for the bacteria to feed on and in return they shield it from the hot water.

They disappear into their tubes to hide from predators but some of them still get eaten by hungry hunters, such as vent octopuses or eelpout fish.

Each worm builds a thin papery tube to live in, stuck to the side of a vent or opening where the hot water comes out. The worm sits in the tube, with its tail near the hot vent and its head sticking out into the cooler water, so it can catch food and breathe in oxygen with its feathery gills.

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