Well as we all know the Christmas period is over, same with the New Year and I saw on another blog this questions “when do you take down your holiday decorations”, so I decided to write a post about this for today’s post.

I put my Christmas decorations up around the middle of November and leave them up till the 1st of January. The type of decorations I use mostly now days are the ones you just stick on a wall, I find that they are easy to do and in all the time I have been using these type of decorations I have only had the paint come off while removing them a couple of times. Although when Kathy-Lee was removing them last week she removed some paint because she didn’t remove the decoration slowly trying to rip it off fast.

Even my Christmas tree now days is a small tinsel tree that sits on the dining room table, I also like decorations that I can sit on top of the television and other things. I do have a larger Christmas tree I just don’t have the room to put it up.

The only time I decorate the house is at Christmas time, I know in other countries people decorate at other times but here in Australia and mostly my family it is only done at Christmas time.

4 thoughts on “Decorations

  1. WE barely decorated this year. In the midst of moving and living in temporary condo, all my Christmas stuff was packed. So, I bought a 4ft pre-lit Christmas tree, some silver and red glittery stars and that was it. 🙂

  2. We rarely have visitors over Christmas so we have gone minimal too. We have a large rotating Christmas tree that remained in storage in favor of a new 5 ft. half tree that we bought last year. It hangs on the wall above a cabinet and takes up just the right size and space. It looks really pretty when decorated too. Then I put up just a few favorite keepsakes and a wreath and I’m done with it, enough to feel Christmasy. 🙂 I try to put the tree up the weekend after Thanksgiving and take it down before New Year’s Day. By then I am quite ready to move on from all the fuss of holidays! 🙂 I love stick on decorations too, I put some in my door and window!

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