Indestructible Creatures No: 1

jumping spider

Well here we are at the first Indestructible Creatures post for 2018, this will be a regular Tuesday post this year.

Have you heard of the Himalayan Jumping Spider, they are just 1cm big and live way up on Mount Everest. They are thought to live higher up than an other animal, it is covered in thick hair and can manage for days without food and jumps from one wind-blasted icy rock to another as sure-footed as a mountain goat.

Even though spiders are meat eaters there are no other animals this high up, so they feed on dead insects such as flies and springtails that have blown up the mountainside in the wind.

Like most spiders the Himalayan Jumping Spider has eight legs and eight eyes but only six of their eyes face forward, they have two eyes on the side of their head that allow them to see behind them, what the hell.

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