A New Year & Getting Away

Well 2018 has arrived, yesterday, as today is the 2nd and after going to the doctor and taking Leo home I am now home for the day. I have nothing else planned for the day which is good, as everyone knows I like quiet days when I have little or nothing to do.

Yesterday I had Leo all day while his mum was working and even though she was back in Newie by 5pm she was tired and exhausted and just wanted to go home eat and go to bed. So when she explained that to Leo he told her he would stay here so she could go home and go to bed without having to worry about him.

We had him from around 3pm on New Years Eve as his mum had to get up early for work, yesterday while here he helped me clean the bath, the bathroom sink and the stove top, he also emptied 2 of the recycle bins. I had meant to get him to vacuum for me too but forgot. He likes to do things for me and often does little things without being asked.

After today Tim will be off work till the 11th or 12th can’t remember which, we are leaving on Friday for a short break away with Jessica & Leo we are taking the caravan and going to the Gold Coast, we are taking Leo to Australia Zoo and Dreamworld for his birthday which is on the 8th January he will be turning 10.

I would love to be able to go away with Natasha & Blain but Natasha can’t afford it and we can’t afford to pay for them, Jessica always pays for her and Leo when we go away. Wouldn’t mind one day going away with Kathy, Michael and the girls but not sure if Kathy & Michael would like to do that.

Both Tim and myself feel that holidays are much more fun when taken with other family members, when our girls were little we went away with my parents and Dave & Sandy who were young teenagers themselves.

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