The end is near


Well here we are at the end of 2017 only a day and a half till it is 2018, today is in some ways cooler then the last few days but it is really muggy due to the light rain we have had this morning. I don’t have the air con on as I know Tim will say there is no need for it to be on, if he was at work I would have it on but I will cope somehow.

I woke up with a headache this morning, well in fact I had it from around 9pm last night and yes I have taken something for it but I still have it .

Tim and I went out to Kmart this morning, I wanted another clothes hoist as when I do my laundry lately I prefer to hang the clothes on a clothes hoist instead of going outside and hanging it on the line, as hanging clothes on the line outside causes me a lot of pain but I do not like the idea of using a clothes dryer when the weather is good.

I also wanted some skin care items and some new ¾ pants, Tim of course had to say “don’t you have enough of those things” if I had enough I wouldn’t want more. I have 3 pairs of ¾ pants that have holes in them which is why I wanted new pants.

Also asked Tim to get some strong pain-relief tablets when he went to the chemist as from the 1st January you will need a script to get them I got some yesterday showing my licence and told Tim to get some showing his licence but what he got was cold and flu tablets, oh well he tried. He was surprised when they asked to see his licence, even though I had explained about showing his licence to him a couple of times and how we will now need to get a script but of course he doesn’t listen.

While at Kmart I found an item mum & dad have been looking for so I bought it for them, Tim of course was why are you getting that, I told him it was for mum and I know if I ask mum or dad will give me the $8 back but I don’t need the money back I bought it because I wanted to. Also I had a $50 gift card for Kmart so not like Tim had to give me money for the stuff I bought.

Tomorrow night I will have Leo here as his mum is working New Years Day and will have to be up early, so just easier for all if he is here from tomorrow night, I may also have him New Years Day night depending on when his mum will get home that day. She is taking some people down to the Domain in Sydney, she always said she wouldn’t do trips to Sydney but it is worth a couple of hundred dollars and she wants money for our holiday to Queensland in January.


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