My Christmas


Well Christmas is done and dusted for another year did everyone have a good day, I hope so……….


Christmas for me was pretty good, Christmas morning saw me up at 7.50am, Tim was already at work so I was alone, around 10ish I packed the car with gifts and went to my parents place for lunch.


It was a quiet Christmas lunch with only 6 of us there for lunch, although many people called in to see mum & dad or should that read nan & pop any way it was around 11ish when all the visitors had left and we could start preparing lunch.


I left and came home around 1.30pm and felt exhausted so decided to have a bath before having a lay down.


When Tim got home at around 7.30pm we exchanged gifts and then I went to bed as Boxing Day was going to be a big day and it was.


I had all the girls and grandchildren here for lunch yesterday (Boxing Day), I did a full baked lunch Kathy-Lee and Natasha helped me with the cooking which was nice and a big help.


I did get a lot of nice presents and felt loved and appreciated by all my family.


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