Indestructible Creatures

We all have heard of a flea and it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it is an indestructible creature but of course they are1, if you have ever had them on a dog or cat you will know how hard they are to get rid of. Because they live on other animals, fleas have evolved and have superpowers to cope with being squashed, scratched or licked

Fleas breed fast and instead of staying on one animal they hop around all over the place. A female can lay eggs which can take just a few months to become adults. So just when you think you have got rid of t hem they are back.

One thing is for sure we’ll most likely never know a world without fleas, they are built to last and they will probably outlast humans.

A flea has an incredibly hard, strong, smooth exoskeleton8 which makes it hard to crush. They have ginormous back legs for jumping to safety and backward pointing hairs that help it move fast through fur and wriggle out of any grip


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