Indestructible Creature

Ok here I on this Tuesday Wednesday writing about another indestructible creature this weeks creature is the Antarctic Midge. This is the biggest, toughest animal you can find on Antarctic all year round, now you may have thought it would have been a polar bear but they live in the Arctic or maybe a penguin but they have to spend part of the year in the sea. So its this tiny midge which is only 5mm long (0.2in).

How does it do this you ask well the midge larvae (babies) shelter in the soil under the ice, nibbling on moss and lichen. The larvae contain anti- freeze chemicals so even in temperatures of -10°c (14°f) or below they don’t freeze solid. Instead they freeze almost solid kinda like ice cream… In summer the larvae thaw out and turn into adults……

Antarctic midges don’t have wings and can’t fly, if they did the blasts of icy wind would blow into the sea or up a mountain, so they just crawl around.

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