Indestructible Things Desert Ant


Ok here I am on Tuesday morning doing a post about the Sahara Desert Ant, heard of this ant, nope me neither but it is one indestructible creature. You can find this ant in the Sahara Desert which is one of the hottest places in the world.

Most desert animals stay in their burrows during the day and come out at night when it’s cooler, not desert ants. They wait until it’s stinking bloody hot then dash out of their nests to look for food, which is less tough insects that have been frazzled to death in the heat.

These ants can really survive, their bodies reach more then 50°c or 122°f and can run over sand as hot as 70°c or 158°f bloody hell.

Because of how hot the desert sand is they natural run across the sand and can move pretty damn fast. Desert ants have long skinny legs to lift them up of the sizzling ground and they zip around at a high speed. Every few seconds each ant checks the position of the Sun, so they can remember the way back to the nest. As soon as it finds a meal it grabs it and runs back to the nest..


4 thoughts on “Indestructible Things Desert Ant

  1. This is my nightmare. I hate ants. I’m allergic to ant bites, You can’t kill it with fire, apparently, so what do we do? Freeze it? Spray the entire Sahara with acid? I’m sure it performs some important function to the ecosystem but yuck-o.

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