Indestructible Things/Ironclad Beetle

Here we are at this weeks indestructible things post, today I am going to tell you about the Ironclad Beetle, now all insects have an exoskeleton, a tough skin or shell on the outside of their, instead of bones on the inside. But still, most of them are easily squashed but not the ironclad beetle, it has one of the toughest hardest exoskeletons of any insect.

Museums keep dead insects pinned to special trays as a record of all the different species but it’s almost impossible to bin the ironclad beetle. Instead they have to make a hole through it with a drill.

There are reports of ironclad beetles being trodden on, trapped in doors and even run over by cars, then getting up and walking away without a care in the world. Of course, if you ever meet one, please don’t attempt to squash it just to see what happens.

Because their tough shells are so thick and heavy ironclad beetles move slow and can’t fly at allA.


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