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mount weta

Have you heard of a Mountain Stone Weta??????????????

No, me neither but they exist and it is a big chunky grasshopper-like bug from New Zealand, there are many types of weta, including the giant weta, which can reach 10cm (4in) in length.

The Mountain Stone Weta can survive being deep frozen, what the hell…………….

In the high mountains of New Zealand’s South Island where this weta lives, it  gets so  cold in winter that it’s hard for things not to freeze solid. So simply it does indeed freeze solid.

Scientist have found that more then 80% of the water in its body turns to ice, as it freezes the water moves out of the weta’s body cells, so that they don’t get damaged. When it warms up the weta thaws out and hops away…………..again, what the hell……………..

Male Weta’s have massive heads, sharp claws and extra-large biting jaws for fighting vicious battles against each other over females.

mountain stone weta