My weekend

Hi all it is a cold Monday here in Newie, I got up at 4.30am and did 70 minutes of exercise and have taken Leo to school come home had food and now write this. I read around 40 blogs this morning and now I am here writing this morning dribble.

Yesterday we had Leo during the day while Jessica studied and worked on assignments for Tafe, Tim and I went over to my parents with Leo of course and I hung some photos on the walls for mum and Tim did stuff with the van before we came home. Then Tim took Leo for a motorbike ride which made Leo really happy he loves going for a bike ride with papa.

Last night Tim cut my hair for me so it is nice and short again I am happy with it, I prefer short hair, last week Tim also cut his hair again so he has short hair also.

The last couple of weekends I have skipped exercising as by Friday afternoon my ankle and calf is so very sore so I wanted to rest it over the weekend.

I have the heater on this morning as it is just so cold here.


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