Actions match words or not

Do your actions match your words?

Saw this question on some blogs last week and thought I can use that as a post, so here is that post…………….

Do my actions match my words, yes I think generally speaking they do, not always of course because like most people I will say I am ok, nothing is wrong but my actions such as slamming cupboards, snapping at people have a look on my face that shows all is not ok and something is wrong. I have been pissed off………….

As the old saying goes actions speak louder the words and that is so true, I know people who say things like I will be there for you but when you do need them they are too busy to help. They say I love to spend time with you but never have the time to spend with you.

So many people say one thing but really mean something else and it is their actions that show us that they don’t mean what they have said.


7 thoughts on “Actions match words or not

  1. I think we all have a problem with knee-jerk reactions and working from our wisdom instead of our emotions.

  2. I would like to think that my actions are better than my words. I say horribly, jerk-like things but treat people better than I treat myself. Maybe I should be nicer in my words, but it’s funnier to be cartoonishly mean then turn around and actually be nice with actions.

  3. I have learned to listen to what they say and to watch their actions/inactions as confirmation. I think sometimes people have the best intentions and they say things that they mean at the time, but don’t follow through for whatever reason. Rest easy Joanne xo

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