A Wednesday Post it’s been 40 years

Hello Wednesday afternoon, been a warmish day, I did bugga all other than taking Leo to school and picking him up from school this afternoon, for the second time this week he had me drive a friend home but first they went to the take away shop to get food before I dropped the other boy home and Leo and I came home.

Leo has been spending a lot of time playing out the back yard with toys and stuff but doesn’t get why I will not let him play out the front after dark but not going to happen once it gets dark I prefer him to be either inside or at least out the back.

I am still getting bad headaches and if I take strong pain relief it makes me tired and all I want to do is sleep but I don’t have the time during the day to have a nap, well I do but I don’t like to unless Tim is here I am worried I will oversleep and be late getting Leo from school. Although some days I close my eyes while I am waiting for him to get out.

On the plus side my leg is much better and for the most part I am walking normally without pain or a limp, so that is good. I am hoping on Friday I will not need the wheelchair while out shopping.

It has been 40 years since the King of Rock & Roll died aka Elvis damn the time has flown, I remember as a teenager watching his movies on a weekend and listening to his music, yes I was a fan.


4 thoughts on “A Wednesday Post it’s been 40 years

  1. You mean 40 years since Elvis faked his death. (No, I don’t believe that.) Sorry to hear about the headaches. Even more sorry to hear that your anxiety won’t allow you to nap. Naps are the best. I miss napping. I might nap right now.

  2. I am too young to remember Elvis while he was still alive, but I do appreciate his music (the movies not so much), and a couple of years ago we visited Graceland in Memphis. It was magical.
    Sorry to hear about your headaches. Seems like a catch 22, either it’s headaches or tiredness. Can’t your husband get Leo while you’re taking a nap?

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