Indestructible Things

Ok here we are at another indestructible things post, today I am writing about the Giant Silkworm Moth Caterpillar, when you think of an assassin I bet you don’t think of a caterpillar. How can a small wriggling, plant munching caterpillar really kill you but yes this one can, what the hell……………

This caterpillar has a deadly way of defending itself, it has incredibly long sharp spikes all over it, so you can’t get close to the caterpillars soft body without the needles getting you first. If you touch them even accidentally they break off and pump deadly venom into the skin, while the caterpillar makes its escape.

The venom stops blood from clotting, causing bruising and bleeding, out of every 100 people who touch the spines 2 or 3 die from the venom. Although strangling the caterpillars deadly effects have only been reported since the 1980’s, since then it has killed hundreds of people.


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