Indestructible Things

Hello everyone, here I am on this lovely, not too cold Monday morning had a somewhat late start, when my alarm went off at 4.30am I just didn’t feel like getting up so it was 6am by the time I got up still managed to do 53 minutes of exercise. I packed it in when Leo got here as I had to pack his lunch and running him a shower now I am starting this before I have to leave to take him to school.

Friday saw me using a wheelchair while I went shopping and Jessica pushing me around and it was a big help I was in hardly any pain by the time I was finished and it only took 2hrs to get everything done instead of 4hrs it has taken me the previous weeks. So I will be doing that for the next couple of weeks and hopefully the ankle will really start to heal with no set backs.

Saturday saw me unwell and spending most of the day in bed sleeping, just had an upset tummy no vomiting or anything just felt upset in the tummy and not feeling great, yesterday though I was ok and today I am ok as well.

So since this is Monday that means it is Indestructible Monday……………..

Have you heard of ice crawlers?

No me neither………………….

Anyway they are these really small wingless insects that crawl around on ice and snow high up on freezing, wind blasted mountains. They are happiest at temperatures of between 0-4°c or 32-39°f somewhere between fridge and freezer temperatures.

They come out at night to search for food the consists of dead insects, in such cold conditions, where food is scarce its hard to grow, so ice crawlers have along slow life cycle. It can take 10 y ears for an egg to hatch and grow into an adult.

They only grow to be able 2.5cm or 1in in length and found usually in really cold areas, so not around where I live as it doesn’t get that cold here, it doesn’t snow here and even when I say it is bitterly cold it really isn’t that cold compared to other places.


3 thoughts on “Indestructible Things

  1. Happy to hear your ankle is healing, Joanne, and you’re able to get around and find ways to get things done faster. Man, I can relate to ankle injuries having it now a little over a year from my broken ankle and surgery last summer. I know it’s no piece of cake to manage your life.

    Not sure I’ve heard of ice crawlers but doesn’t look like something I’d like to have many hanging around. Are they anything like night crawlers? I think those are used for fishing. Best of luck with those little critters down under, my friend. Guess they’re a part of the food chain.

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