Happy Birthday Jeannie


On this day way back in 1967 my sister Jeannie Maxine was born at Western Suburbs Maternity Hospital I picked her name Jeannie maybe it was because the tv show I Dream of Jeannie was on the telly that influenced me I don’t know.

Jeannie is the mother of four, Samantha, Tina, Tyler and Tom and the grandmother of one Hayley with two more grandchildren on the way. She left her husband Shane when her children were little and has been with her current partner Peter on and sometimes off for a bloody long time 20 odd years she acted as a mother figure to his three children and is like a grandmother to his grandchildren as well.

Jeannie is one of the most loving and caring women or person that I have ever been blessed to know and be related to, when her girls and my girls were little we spent a lot of time together shopping and watching each others girls.

So today I would like to wish her a wonderful and happy birthday and hope she has a fantastic day because she deserves to feel special..

July 1


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