Indestructible things

indestructible book

Well the new dishwasher is here and Tim should install it tomorrow hopefully, it is another cold day here in Newie and if I hear Tim tell me to go sit in the sun again I might scream, I don’t have the time to just sit around in the sun and if I want the heater on I am going to have the damn heater on.

As we all know humans are pretty fragile beings but many of the worlds most indestructible materials are made by living things, such as a spiders strong stretchy silk or a limpet’s record breakingly hard teeth.

We also find super-strength substances in nature, such as diamond and titanium and as time goes on we keep inventing more and more indestructible materials of our own, such as steel and kevlar but which substance is the strongest of all, I don’t know but over the coming weeks I will write a little about some of the most indestructible things on the planet.

Of course most of us know that cockroaches are pretty indestructible, you cut its head off and it will still walk away which is just weird and it isn’t just for a few seconds or minutes that it can survive without its head but in fact can survive for a few weeks headless. This is because they don’t need food every day in fact they can go a month without food, also they don’t have much blood and what they do have moves around the body slowly so the neck can seal itself without bleeding. They also breathe through holes in their skin and not through their mouths, lastly they also have bundles of nerves like mini-brains, to control their legs and reflexes, so they can still move around without their main brain, weird or what.

If all that wasn’t enough they can run at 75cm or 2.5ft per second which is bloody fast can cope being under water for half an hour and of course have been known to survive the fallout from a nuclear explosion.

So is it any wonder we have trouble getting rid of these creepy bugs……………


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