Good Morning Friday

Good morning Friday and what a bloody cold Friday it is here this morning, been up since 4.30am as usual but only did a 50 minute workout. My achilles tendon is really painful and I am barely able to stand let alone walk but of course since it is Friday walking is what I have to do a lot of. The reason the ankle isn’t healing is two fold, first I am not resting it as much as I should but let’s be honest I can’t just sit around all day with my leg elevated and secondly it is an injury that takes a bloody long time to heal.

Anyway here is this weeks five things for Friday

Last day of school (for two weeks)

Mum unable to come shopping (she couldn’t get the scooter)

Loving my life

Leo doing well at school (according to his teacher)

Needing the heater on (it’s bloody cold)

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