My Morning

Good morning all, had a busy frantic morning, I was up as usual at 4.30am and did 1hr 21mins of exercises while I was exercising I noticed that one of Leo’s school shoes was missing from where I put them yesterday. After I finished exercising I moved the chair they were sitting on in fact I spent 30 minutes searching for it and ended up sending him to school in old odd shoes again. I ended finding it when I got home from taking him to school, outside in the garden I think it was caught up in Tim’s motorbike jacket and fell to the ground when he was walking to the carport.

Around 7.30am I had a phone call from mum, she rang because when Dawson was outside waiting for his taxi to take him to school he heard a rattling, crackling noise from the caravan, so I sent Tim a text and mum said she would tell dad when he got up and I said I would call in after I went to my doctors appointment this morning. Tim sent me a text saying he would go over and check the van after he finishes work today.

So yes I had a doctors appointment this morning nothing serious just needed a couple of scripts, I then went to mum & dad’s place to tell them Tim would be over this afternoon, when I got there Tim had already rang them and dad went and disconnected something in the van, don’t know what but dad knew what Tim wanted disconnected and Tim will go check it out after work.

I then came home and vacuumed out the house and it was when I was parking the car I noticed Leo’s missing shoe in the garden under his bedroom window.

Since being home I have another headache, I think the headache is caused by the cold, had one yesterday as well all day except when I was in the car with the heater on and in a hot bath in a room with the heater on as well. Tim doesn’t get the whole cold room thing he says if you’re cold wear something warmer but at times I feel the room needs to be warm as well and not just my body, if that makes any sense at all.

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