A bit about the tooth fairy

tooth fairy

Here we are at another Monday, this morning when I dropped Leo off at school he said he had a sore throat, I told him if he gets worse to tell his teacher who will ring mum to go get him and he was ok with that.

Saturday night we had Leo in fact we had him most of the day and all night as his mum was working again, last night he lost another tooth and when I asked him if the tooth fairy came he at first said no and I said I saw money on his desk so he said oh yeah I think nanny tooth fairy came (as in me). He said papa explained to him that the tooth fairy isn’t real, I asked why papa said that and he said I asked him and we had a discussion about it, yes he used the word discussion. His mum has explained to him that he isn’t to tell his younger cousins the tooth fairy isn’t real because that would ruin it for them and he said I understand that they will find out when it is right for them to find out.

My sister was us that on Thursday her daughter lost a tooth when she said something about the tooth fairy she said “Ok mum I know you’re the tooth fairy, so tell me are you and I going to keep making out I don’t know” she pretended not to hear her daughter who said it again and again in the end my sister ran out of the room as fast as she could hearing her daughter say I also know Santa is you and dad, she thinks what the hell girl you’re only 7. She than goes to her husband and said you’re been a parent longer then me you go and deal with this one……………..

He told her you just have to believe in the fairytale or you don’t get any money, so she says ok but the following morning she checked her mums purse to see if the $5 note was still there or not and it was so now she has to think about it a bit more…………………….lol

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