Kiriwina Island

Our third port of call was the Kiriwina Island, it is one of the world’s most intact island cultures on one of the world’s most untouched islands according to the info sheet handed out with by Princess Cruises.

The island has a population of around 12,000 they speak Kilivila and other dialects as well as some English.

They often use the Kula Ring bartering system to boost social status and to gain trust with neighbouring island communities. Several priceless shell trinkets have been circulated between islands for hundreds of years.

There is no payphones on the island nor do they accept credit or cash cards they prefer to be paid in Kina the local currency although some will accept Australian dollars. The only means of transport for tourists on the island is by foot but it is only a small island and everything you would want to see you can reach by walking.

Access to the island was via tender so mum was unable to go ashore, but both Tim and dad did although it took a lot our of dad.


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