Home and returning to normal

Hello all, I am home safe and sound got home around 1pm on Friday afternoon and today is Sunday didn’t do a post Friday or Saturday as I just didn’t feel like it but here I am on Sunday morning at last writing something.

We have had Leo since Friday after school and will have him till Thursday after school, why you wonder well he wanted to stay Friday night because he missed us and yesterday and today his mum will be working till late in the afternoon and it is just easier for him to stay here with us.

While I was hanging up the clean clothes I thought about how we all may call something by a different name, like what I call a coat hanger some will call a clothes hanger same thing different name, same goes for a pillow case or a pillow slip some item slightly different name.

However, while on the cruise I was confused a bit by what they called lemonade it wasn’t lemonade it was lemon squash aka Solo what to us is lemonade is what they called Sprite for us Sprite is just a brand name of lemonade like Coke or Pepsi is a brand name of cola.

So when they said that you could have water, juice or lemonade free with your meal I was looking for Sprite not lemon squash, I don’t drink lemon squash but my dad does.

I also noticed that at times they called custard, vanilla sauce and what they served up as pie on pie night was more like pasties although you could get a normal Aussie meat pie from the burger place.

Things are returning to normal here, I have exercised yesterday morning and this morning again so getting back into it yesterday only did 35 minutes and this morning I managed 52 minutes.

I read a heap of blog posts this morning and will post this as well before I go over to my parents place for a late Mother’s Day lunch with the family. Speaking of Mother’s Day my daughters and my sisters need a bit of a slap they all had an extra two weeks to get us presents and they still say they didn’t have time or money to do so, what the hell is with that. Although Kathy-Lee gave me a new wooden breadboard yesterday for Mother’s Day which I love as the old one was broken..

Tim and I gave mum her present on the day, well we ordered her roses from the ships florist and Tim bought her a compact mirror while he was ashore that day which she really liked.


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