Last day of cruise

Last day aboard and I have been worried about mum as she hasn’t been with it this morning, I returned her to her cabin at 10.30am so she could have a lay down as she was falling asleep while we were sitting on deck 7 this morning.

Tim went and bought mum a bottle of water and told her to drink some, after doing so she started to improve and he told me to let her rest till she was ready for lunch which I did. After lunch I went back to her cabin and helped her pack some stuff ok most of their stuff expect for dad’s stuff.

I have now packed all my stuff that needed to be packed but Tim said he will do his stuff so I will leave it to him although I feel like doing it but I never know how he will react sometimes he is fine with me doing it sometimes not so much.

My right ankle is still very sore as it the palm on my right hand but the hip is pretty much ok now as long as I don’t lay on it or do anything to cause the pain to return I should fingers crossed be ok.

Tomorrow I have told mum that I will push her off the ship, so she doesn’t have to walk thus the reason we are packing as much as we can in the luggage that is taken off the ship for us with only a few items being carried off by us.

I have now had shower and will wear what I have on tomorrow.


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