Cruising……………..what’s included

My eldest daughter was asking about cruising she wanted to know what was included in the cost and such so I am writing this for her.

I feel cruising is great value for money generally speaking, on board you don’t use cash to pay for stuff it gets charged to your cruise card and you settle your account at the end of the cruise.

What is included in the price of the cruise is accommodation, your meals and entertainment, there are movies shown each night and again during the day, not really old movies either but pretty recent movies on this cruise Tim has seen the movies, Passengers, Hidden Figures and Jurassic World. There are about 6 pools onboard and there are other shows on in the theatre each night and talks during the days, there is a casino onboard. You can fill your day with stuff or do nothing but lay by a pool soaking up the sun or you can read many people spend a lot of time reading onboard.

There is a TV in your cabin with TV shows and movies shown all the time, there are some bars opened 24 hours as well.

However, drinks are not included in the price so it is worth while investing in getting a drinks package, the all inclusive package is about $59-76 per day per person and it may seem a lot but when you take into account that cocktails up to the cost of $14 are included as well as beer, spirits and soft drinks, as well as coffee and hot chocolate it is good value. On our first cruise there wasn’t a drink package and we spent close to $1800 on drinks for the cruise. You can also get a soft drink package which is what Tim got for me for this cruise which is only between $7-9 per day and covers soft drinks, and mocktails, and coffees and hot chocolates. I strongly suggest if you are going on a cruise get a drinks package. You can drink as much as you wish if you have a drinks package, you are not limited to $59 or $76 worth of drinks it is as much as you wish to drink during the day.

There is plenty of food included, yes there are some speciality restaurants that cost extra but we don’t bother with them on this cruise the buffet is great we are all pleased with it and the variety of food available. There are also restaurants where you are seated and waited on, although Tim and dad prefer the buffet, mum and I like the idea of being waited on at the end of the day but we are compromising.

Most nights you dress casually although there are formal nights but we also don’t worry about those nights as getting dressed up isn’t something we can generally be bothered with.


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