Five Things Friday/Good Friday


Good morning all here we are at Friday again and it has started out being a really good Friday and of course it is Good Friday, so here is this weeks five things.

No Meat


Pontius Pilate

Public Holiday



Ok so it is Good Friday and for me that means no meat today, why we don’t eat meat on Good Friday I have no idea, but it is one day a year so not a problem. It is how I was raised as was my mother and her mother and so forth.

I get annoyed with my own daughters because they do have meat because they are not religious which is ok I get that but as I said it is one day a year how hard is it to not eat meat on this one day.

Here in Australia Good Friday is a public holiday, and a true public holiday as in 90 odd percent of things are in fact closed, all supermarkets are closed are is pretty much all other stores, service stations are opened, buses and trains run and taxis operate, most take away shops are opened fish and chip shops do a roaring trade on this day. All shopping centres aka malls in some countries are closed.

The same goes for Easter Sunday.


Pain and Exercise & 21 Days till a break

Hello all, guess who is in pain, yeah me, guess who was only able to do 70 minutes of exercise this morning due to the pain, yeah me again. Yesterday morning at 6.30am my Wii remote started working again so after a couple of days of no exercising I am back doing it again.

Last night I was woken up a couple of times with spasms of pain in my back and this morning has been much the same.

I want to go to the supermarket today I need a few things but Tim took the car to work because it is pretty wet here, so I have sent Jessica a text to see if she will go for me, I know she will drive me there but with how I am pain wise I don’t know how I would manage to get into her car as she has a 4b.

Tomorrow is Good Friday, so to me that means no eating meat, my daughters, however, do eat meat if they feel like it which slightly annoys me how hard is it to have no meat on one day of the year.

In 21 days Tim and I along with my parents leave on another cruise, it is a 15 day cruise around the South Pacific Islands and Papua New Guinea, 21 days damn it is getting close and I am so excited about the holiday, I really need a holiday.

I am somewhat annoyed with Tim because he bought an all inclusive drinks package but even though I asked him to buy it in my name so mum and I can share cocktails he bought it in his name, he got me a soft drink package. He knows I am annoyed but he doesn’t get why he keeps going on about dad buying a drinks package and yeah I agree dad should but he hasn’t and I doubt he will.

Last night Tim asked me how I really feel about weight loss surgery and do I really think it will work, I said yes I think it will work to some degree but I am not sure how much it will work, I am somewhat picky when it comes to food.

Well that is all for this post.


Hi all on Lauren’s blog I came across this post:

I liked the questions and copied some of them which I will use as blog post, starting with this post on nicknames, if you don’t already follow Lauren you should she is amazing but that is just my humble opinion. Go visit and decide for yourself.

So today’s question is about nicknames, do you have one or had one in the past but no more, please tell me. I don’t have a nickname and have never had a nickname.

According to a nickname is:

1: A descriptive name added to or replacing the actual name of a person or place or thing.

2: A familiar or shortened form of a proper name

So using those definitions I guess you could say being called Jo instead of Jo-Anne is a nickname, I however, have always thought of a nickname as described in number 1 like when I was a child the man acrossed the road was called “Vic” because he was from Victoria. My daughter Natasha has the nickname “Tinkerbell” I don’t know why she just does.

I can’t think of any nickname had by Tim, although I just asked him and he said when he drove trucks he had the nickname “knuckles” because when he was driving down some roads doing 110klmp’s he would grip the steering wheel so tight his knuckles would turn white, I never knew that.

My dad when he was working was called “the little general” because he was bossy and short tempered, my sister had the nickname “Franky” I don’t know why but I do know it was our brother in-law Mick who gave her the nickname.

Did you know…………………….7 Dwarfs

1000 facts

Good morning all and welcome to the first “did you know” post this will be a new Monday feature here at Jo-Anne’s Ramblings, why well I will tell you Leo has this book called “1000 Facts” and I thought why not use it for blog posts so each Monday I will share something from the book with you all.

This week we have this little fact:


As you all properly know The Seven Dwarfs are Happy, Dopey, Grumpy,Sleepy, Sneezy, Bashful and Doc, but Walt Disney had a list of over 50 names and characters to choose from for the movie. Among the dwarfs that didn’t make the cut and end up in the movie were Hotsy, Nifty, Shifty, Blabby, Gaspy, Dirty and Awful.

In Pain Again So Just Life

Ok world guess who spent most of yesterday in so much bloody pain she felt like an old frail woman and she is only 54, if you guessed me you guessed right, Tim said it is because I am big he didn’t use the word “fat” but that is what he meant. I said it was because I spent a lot of the day on my feet, have to say I was thankful for my walking stick. Tim said I didn’t do much during the day yeah really Tim wake up and notice how much I do.

I did spend a lot of time standing and cooking and I pegged two loads of washing on the line and got it off again and of course I started the day doing 1hr 45 mins of exercises all of which is not good when one has a bad back.

Speaking of lunch I did honey soy chicken with fried rice and pasta, Tim complained that I put seeds and nuts in the rice and said the chicken was a little dry, Jessica complained she didn’t like the pasta that much and Kathy said the chicken was a little dry but she really liked the fried rice but they all ate it which I guess is something.

Blain had two cheese pies as he said he didn’t like honey soy chicken, Natasha wasn’t here so she ate nothing which is about how much she would have eaten if she had been here.

Today I have been moving better managed to get dressed and put my own socks on my feet which is more then I did yesterday, I had to have Tim’s help getting dressed yesterday morning I was in that much pain. Although I am expecting things to go down hill as Natasha dropped of washing for me to do another three loads of washing, so more time spent on my feet again today.

At the moment I have Blain while Natasha goes to get Jessica from Wallsend, she had to take the work van she used yesterday back and needed someone to pick her up, Blain is unwell so he is here in the lounge room watching cartoons while I am in Tim’s office using the computer. I still do not have my laptop, although Tim has ordered a new hard drive for it.

Natasha is going to loan her car to Steve, so will need Jessica to drive her home and she wants her dad to take her washing over when it is done I bet he ends up wanting me to do it though.

Tim has taken Leo for a ride on the motorbike they are meeting Jessica out at Wallsend and Leo will come back with his mum and Natasha, Leo loves to go for a ride on the motorbike.

Well that is all from me for this post.

Five Things Friday

hand coloured

Good morning here it is Friday again, I as usual will have a busy day been up since 4.30am done 1hr 50 mins of exercise now for a quick post before I get dressed to go shopping, Friday being the only day I generally go shopping of a week.

So without further ado here are this weeks five things.

Last day of the school term

Jessica working tomorrow

So we will have Leo all day and night as well as maybe tonight, depending on what time she starts

Struggle to get ones socks or knee high stockings on ones legs, needing Leo’s help

Feeling happy as well as stiff and sore, life is good



Milk we all know what milk is the definition of milk is a pale liquid produced by the mammary glands of mammals, such as cows, goats and humans to name just a few. When I was a girl there was only two types of milk regular milk and skim milk and then that changed and there was the in between milk known as light milk. There was also a choice between pasteurised and non-pasterrised milk.

It was usually delivered first thing of a morning by the milk man, in glass bottles you would put the milk bottles out the night before if you wanted three bottles you left three empty bottles out. If you wanted extra as in more bottles then you had you left a note in a bottle as you left a note if you wanted cream. Each week the milkman would leave you your bill and you paid in an envelope left with the empty bottles.

milk bottles

My nan would put the milk bottles out as a sign it was time for guests to leave as the family were going to bed.

When I was at school we would get a small bottle of milk each day this of course was free and often warm due to being left in the sun.

small milk bottles

Now you go to the supermarket to get your milk generally speaking, yes you can still get milk delivered here but it is a lot more expensive. Also there is so many different types of milk to choose from now days, full cream, light, skim, calcium enriched, lactose free, buttermilk, A2 milk, all of these are milk you.

You can also chose between fresh milk or long life milk or powered milk, when my daughters where little I used to buy powered milk as it saved us a lot of money but when long life milk came out I switched to that and yes both powered and long life taste a bit different but I would use the milk to make milkshakes for the girls and they drank it without complaint.

Soy Milk

Then one day Soy milk came out even though it is called soy milk it is not milk it is a plant based drink produced by soaking dried soy beans and grinding them in water. Soy Milk is a traditional staple in East Asian cuisine, it is a stable emulsion of oil, water and protein and is often used as a substitute for dairy milk, it can be produced at home using a soy milk machine.

Almond milk

Now you can also get Almond Milk which is also a plant drink made with almonds with a creamy texture and a nutty taste but not really milk.

Other non milk type “milks” are oat, rice and coconut now I know these drinks may be good for those who cannot drink real milk due to allergy but they are not milk, and there are some pretty stupid people in the world who may in fact think they are milk.


When I was a child you couldn’t get flavoured milk either if you wanted chocolate or strawberry or banana milk you had to make it yourself with white milk and some flavouring such as NesQuik now of course you have Oak flavoured milk or Moove flavoured milk as well the supermarkets own brands.

Moove has been a New South Wales icon since 1978. With a delicious range of flavoured milk including Chocolate and Strawberry flavours. The brand is known for embodying summer fun and Australia’s beach culture.

bottle moove

Easter parades,a flat tyre and a new cane

Just a quick post today been busy as with going to two different Easter Parades today, first was Leo’s then Blain’s, Sydney’s was cancelled and will now be on Friday.

On the way to Leo’s school after I picked Jessica up the car felt strange and had a weird sound so I pulled over and got Jessica to get out in the rain and check the car and yeah I had a flat tyre. So I rang Tim and he said he couldn’t come to change it and would ring the NRMA, then Jessica rang Natasha to see if she would be able to come get her and drop her at Leo’s school while I waited for the NRMA. Natasha said she would come as she was nearby and she had Steve with her and he would change the tyre and to tell dad to cancel the NRMA which we did.

Oh yeah after I dropped Leo at school this morning Tim rings me to tell me that Leo didn’t take his morning medication I said I would ring the school when I got home. However, when I got home Tim was already on the phone with the school, Leo was confused as I gave him a half of Ritalin at 6.30am because he was doing my head in but the office staff gave him a dose of medication so all was good.

Also this morning Steve and Natasha gave me a new cane it is a nice red one, I was only thinking yesterday that I could do with another cane to have here in the house I have one in the car but also could do with one in the house.

That is all I have to go and feed Leo

Turning 18


Hello everyone, I had planed to write this post yesterday afternoon but I was somewhat tipsy when I got home and went to have a nap and then when I got up mum rang as she does every night and we talked for about 40 minutes, anyone would think we didn’t spend 4 hours together chatting yesterday afternoon.


Anyway yesterday was my nephew Dawson’s 18th birthday, here in Australia turning 18 is a big deal, so there was a BBQ lunch held at his father’s place only family and while there I drank some of my brother’s Wild Turkey with Pepsi Max and ended up a little tipsy.


Dawson was born at the John Hunter Hospital here in Newie at 7.21pm he was 49cms long or 19 inches, he weighed 7lb 3oz or 3208grams, for some strange reason here we talk about a babies weight in pounds and ounces and length in centimetres, I don’t know why we just do.


Now he is about 5’10” I think, he is tall compared to most of the family, although his father (my brother) is also tall.

At the BBQ there was his dad and step-mother, her parents, his mum and her dad, my parents, my sister Sandra and myself and about 4 children. The weather was lovely and everyone had a good day.


Because it was his birthday and he can legally drink grog now his father gave him a can of Wild Turkey and Cola of which he drank less then half he said he didn’t like the taste after he had cake but I said to mum he just may not have liked it and didn’t want to say so. When I was his age I never drank and I just don’t think Dawson is interested in grog at this stage of his life.