Question Tuesday

Ok all have a question for everyone comes from some questions I saw on Lauren’s blog,which can be found here for all those who have not discovered her already:

The question is: How often do you doodle?

My answer, pretty often,usually when I am on the phone, if I have a a magazine or note near me I like to colour in the circles in letters like O or the O in a P that type of thing, I also like to draw around the edges on envelopes and such, that is my type of doodling.

I think pretty much everyone likes to doodle when they are on the phone especially if you are on hold, so tell me your style of doodling.


2 thoughts on “Question Tuesday

  1. I used to doodle a lot more than I do now. When I’m on the phone now, I rarely doodle. The only time I doodle (by the way, this is the most I’ve written the word doodle in my life, to the point where I can’t read doodle without giving it a weird accent in my head) is when I’m in a long boring meeting, in the margins of a notepad.

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