Five Things Friday/Good Friday


Good morning all here we are at Friday again and it has started out being a really good Friday and of course it is Good Friday, so here is this weeks five things.

No Meat


Pontius Pilate

Public Holiday



Ok so it is Good Friday and for me that means no meat today, why we don’t eat meat on Good Friday I have no idea, but it is one day a year so not a problem. It is how I was raised as was my mother and her mother and so forth.

I get annoyed with my own daughters because they do have meat because they are not religious which is ok I get that but as I said it is one day a year how hard is it to not eat meat on this one day.

Here in Australia Good Friday is a public holiday, and a true public holiday as in 90 odd percent of things are in fact closed, all supermarkets are closed are is pretty much all other stores, service stations are opened, buses and trains run and taxis operate, most take away shops are opened fish and chip shops do a roaring trade on this day. All shopping centres aka malls in some countries are closed.

The same goes for Easter Sunday.


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