Hi all on Lauren’s blog I came across this post:

I liked the questions and copied some of them which I will use as blog post, starting with this post on nicknames, if you don’t already follow Lauren you should she is amazing but that is just my humble opinion. Go visit and decide for yourself.

So today’s question is about nicknames, do you have one or had one in the past but no more, please tell me. I don’t have a nickname and have never had a nickname.

According to a nickname is:

1: A descriptive name added to or replacing the actual name of a person or place or thing.

2: A familiar or shortened form of a proper name

So using those definitions I guess you could say being called Jo instead of Jo-Anne is a nickname, I however, have always thought of a nickname as described in number 1 like when I was a child the man acrossed the road was called “Vic” because he was from Victoria. My daughter Natasha has the nickname “Tinkerbell” I don’t know why she just does.

I can’t think of any nickname had by Tim, although I just asked him and he said when he drove trucks he had the nickname “knuckles” because when he was driving down some roads doing 110klmp’s he would grip the steering wheel so tight his knuckles would turn white, I never knew that.

My dad when he was working was called “the little general” because he was bossy and short tempered, my sister had the nickname “Franky” I don’t know why but I do know it was our brother in-law Mick who gave her the nickname.


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