Milk we all know what milk is the definition of milk is a pale liquid produced by the mammary glands of mammals, such as cows, goats and humans to name just a few. When I was a girl there was only two types of milk regular milk and skim milk and then that changed and there was the in between milk known as light milk. There was also a choice between pasteurised and non-pasterrised milk.

It was usually delivered first thing of a morning by the milk man, in glass bottles you would put the milk bottles out the night before if you wanted three bottles you left three empty bottles out. If you wanted extra as in more bottles then you had you left a note in a bottle as you left a note if you wanted cream. Each week the milkman would leave you your bill and you paid in an envelope left with the empty bottles.

milk bottles

My nan would put the milk bottles out as a sign it was time for guests to leave as the family were going to bed.

When I was at school we would get a small bottle of milk each day this of course was free and often warm due to being left in the sun.

small milk bottles

Now you go to the supermarket to get your milk generally speaking, yes you can still get milk delivered here but it is a lot more expensive. Also there is so many different types of milk to choose from now days, full cream, light, skim, calcium enriched, lactose free, buttermilk, A2 milk, all of these are milk you.

You can also chose between fresh milk or long life milk or powered milk, when my daughters where little I used to buy powered milk as it saved us a lot of money but when long life milk came out I switched to that and yes both powered and long life taste a bit different but I would use the milk to make milkshakes for the girls and they drank it without complaint.

Soy Milk

Then one day Soy milk came out even though it is called soy milk it is not milk it is a plant based drink produced by soaking dried soy beans and grinding them in water. Soy Milk is a traditional staple in East Asian cuisine, it is a stable emulsion of oil, water and protein and is often used as a substitute for dairy milk, it can be produced at home using a soy milk machine.

Almond milk

Now you can also get Almond Milk which is also a plant drink made with almonds with a creamy texture and a nutty taste but not really milk.

Other non milk type “milks” are oat, rice and coconut now I know these drinks may be good for those who cannot drink real milk due to allergy but they are not milk, and there are some pretty stupid people in the world who may in fact think they are milk.


When I was a child you couldn’t get flavoured milk either if you wanted chocolate or strawberry or banana milk you had to make it yourself with white milk and some flavouring such as NesQuik now of course you have Oak flavoured milk or Moove flavoured milk as well the supermarkets own brands.

Moove has been a New South Wales icon since 1978. With a delicious range of flavoured milk including Chocolate and Strawberry flavours. The brand is known for embodying summer fun and Australia’s beach culture.

bottle moove


2 thoughts on “Milk

  1. I love this story of milk’s journey through time — to our homes and how it gets there.

    It is such an interesting parallel of so many things that ‘used to be’ and now are different!

    thanks JOanne.

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