Easter parades,a flat tyre and a new cane

Just a quick post today been busy as with going to two different Easter Parades today, first was Leo’s then Blain’s, Sydney’s was cancelled and will now be on Friday.

On the way to Leo’s school after I picked Jessica up the car felt strange and had a weird sound so I pulled over and got Jessica to get out in the rain and check the car and yeah I had a flat tyre. So I rang Tim and he said he couldn’t come to change it and would ring the NRMA, then Jessica rang Natasha to see if she would be able to come get her and drop her at Leo’s school while I waited for the NRMA. Natasha said she would come as she was nearby and she had Steve with her and he would change the tyre and to tell dad to cancel the NRMA which we did.

Oh yeah after I dropped Leo at school this morning Tim rings me to tell me that Leo didn’t take his morning medication I said I would ring the school when I got home. However, when I got home Tim was already on the phone with the school, Leo was confused as I gave him a half of Ritalin at 6.30am because he was doing my head in but the office staff gave him a dose of medication so all was good.

Also this morning Steve and Natasha gave me a new cane it is a nice red one, I was only thinking yesterday that I could do with another cane to have here in the house I have one in the car but also could do with one in the house.

That is all I have to go and feed Leo


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